Bartosz Zamara in Executive Magazine

Congratulations to Bartosz Zamara, PhD – our Development Manager, who in Executive Magazine once again emphasized the beneficial impact of the use of prefabrication technologies, digitization and BIM on the entire construction sector.

Why is it worth using prefabrication? You will find the answer in the article below. Feel free to to read and share your opinion! ➡️

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#bestof2021 part 3

Let’s go back to 2021 for a moment and find another project we can call #bestof2021. We talk about the project of the expansion of the central cooling engine room of the factory LOTTE Wedel, which was supervised by Grzegorz Piórczyński and Michał Terpiłowski.

Although the project can be considered quite small, it was very demanding due to the conservation supervision, work on the functioning facility and difficult construction issues. Currently, the project is completed and we are waiting for an occupancy permit.

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#bestof2021 part 2

We start the new year with a summary of 2021 and present the next project that deserves the #bestof2021 title – a framework agreement for Fit-Out Project Management for CPI Property Group.

So far, as many as 12 fit-outs are completed for 12 tenants, with a total area of 13,000 square meters, in 8 buildings. And this is not the end … There are more projects and more customers for Adam StopaPaweł MajewskiAnna PilchMateusz GimzińskiZuzanna Bilska and Agnieszka Kotuniak-Olszewska! Thank you for your trust.

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Another big project for the #ecommerce industry!

We come with another big project for the #ecommerce industry! We have become part of a huge investment – Westwing magazine – emerging in P3 Logistic Parks.
What we do? Together with Bartłomiej Lach and Arkadiusz Osiński MRICS, we supervise works for tenants and verify all the assumptions of the project on 82,000 square meters!


Another fit-out on our account!

In the good company of SLAK International who carried out the finishing works and Lobos Meble Biurowe who delivered the furniture, we have completed another fit-out project for our client CPI Property Group.
In the Atrium Centrum building, under the supervision of Agnieszka Kotuniak-Olszewska and Mateusz Gimziński, we oversaw the fit-out works for the tenant Emmerson Evaluation.

Working with such a team is a pleasure!

Photos by Agnieszka Kotuniak-Olszewska

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PRZE:budowa – Taming predabrication, an interview with Bartosz Zamara

Turn the volume up! Listen to the podcast with our Development Manager – , who will discuss the problem of prefabrication and answer the following questions:

➡️ What is prefabrication and why is it rarely used in residential development?
➡️ What are the advantages and disadvantages of prefabrication?
➡️ When is the right time to consider the technological requirements for prefabrication?

And we will raise many other aspects of this issue, so if you want to know more – listen!

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New ordinance of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw – details

Warsaw! Some changes have come. From October 19, 2021, a new ordinance of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw is in force regarding:

👉 formulation of the rules for concluding agreements specifying the conditions for the construction or reconstruction of public roads by investors in non-road investments
👉 establishment an inverstors cooperation team in non-road investments.

Check the details of the amendment in the article [EN & PL] written by Grzegorz Piórczyński.

On 19.10.2021 an Ordinance of the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw came into force, which is worth paying attention to if you plan an investment in our capital and start creating a budget. This ordinance defines the rules of concluding agreements specifying the conditions of construction or reconstruction of public roads by the Investors of non-road investments and establishing a team for cooperation with investors of non-road investments. The most important aspect of it is introduction of rates constituting annex no. 1 to the Ordinance and described in § 7, i.e. ordering of the issue of costs which private investors are charged with while constructing road infrastructure.

§ 7. 1.  To calculate the value of a road investment specified in the agreement defining the conditions for construction or reconstruction of public roads by investors of non-road investments the rates specified in annex no. 1 to the Ordinance shall apply. 

2. The boundaries of the division of the Capital City of Warsaw into zones, on which the rates referred to in sub-clause 1 depend, shall be specified in Exhibit No. 2 to the Ordinance. 3.

3. The rates set forth in Appendix No. 1 to the Ordinance shall be subject to annual adjustment according to the annual average consumer price index for goods and services in a given year in comparison with the preceding year, announced by the President of the Central Statistical Office.

The rates according to which the value of a road investment indicated in the agreement specifying the conditions for construction or reconstruction of public roads by investors of non-road investments is calculated:

Brak alternatywnego tekstu dla tego zdjęcia

The ordinance enters into force on 01.01.2022.

The full text is available here:,frameless.htm

Next investition for GLP Europe

Trebbi Polska and GLP Europe are an undeniably harmonious duo! Our cooperation has been going for quite a while, and today we can be proud of another joint project.

This time we are completing and verifying as-built documentation for the next investment in Germany – Magna Park Berlin-Werder. These are 2 logistics halls with an area of 62,000 m2.

Let’s do it!

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