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For whom?

A complex Project Management service is a perfect option for Clients who wish to rely on an experienced consultant with their Investment and take off their shoulders the burden of leading the Project on their own.

Our Clients are supported by a group of Project Managers, Engineers and Inspectors of all construction branches. For each project we put together a team to provide services perfectly tailored to out Clients’ needs.

What do we provide in Project Management? 

We help our Clients at the initial stages of the project’s development:

Searching for a property suitable for Client’s needs

Preparing initial budgets


Preparing feasibility studies

Preparing and executing project schedule

Supporting the Client in negotiations at the stage of transaction

Conducting tenders for contractors of all scopes

Preparing appraisals of potential properties before buying or selling most often in a form of a detailed Technical Due Diligence Report

Supervision of preparing Designs:

  • Concept
  • Building permit
  • Tender
  • Executive

Supporting the Client in obtaining all necessary documents and permissions before the beginning of the works, during, and after their completion.



Coordination, supervision, and the acceptance of works:

Construction progress

Monitoring contractor’s actual progress against the critical dates of an agreed programme

Cost Management

Monitoring budget status and tracking updates in order changes

Project risks and actions

Monitoring and managing potential risks of which the Client should be aware and implementing mitigation actions.


Monitoring the quality aspect with the relevant consultants and ensure that no change (proposed or implemented) will affect the final result.

Providing technical advice regarding special requirements


Consents and approvals

Managing all requests from GC and ensure proper alignment with the Building’s design.

Managing the approval process related to the Construction Agreement and the change requests from the GC.

In case of a change order requested by GC, advising the on the impact on the project and analysis of the market prices.

Project reporting to the Client

Define and produce proper project monitoring reports (frequency, content).

Organize suit survey and meeting with the Client’s representative.

Produce a monthly photographic survey.

Project budgeting and planning:

Drafting the budget of the entire Project

Preparation of payment schedules

Report to the Client on the project’s progress and budget through a monthly cost report

Developing an economic cash flow of the project based on the estimated progress of activities


Providing information on costs to ensure compliance with budget processes

Technical documentation

Advising on the best solutions, taking into account the architectural design, technical aspects, costs, time, and maintenance issues

Coordination of technical projects with customer requirements

Dostarczania kompletnej dokumentacji, jej oceny i zatwierdzenia

Progress reporting to the Client

Meetings with architects and technical/branch designers on the site

Providing support for administrative activities to obtain all approvals to proceed with the works