Chris Lowe

Board Member

Following  qualification as a member of the RICS, Chris spent time in the US learning the skills of Project Management which allied to his training as a Quantity Surveyor created in his view the right combination to bring back to the UK  On his return from the US,  Chris founded Rose – the first Project Management Company  to be registered in the UK.

Chris was fortunate to work closely with major UK and American corporations who recognised the benefit of a Consultant who took overall responsibility for project delivery and this style and professionalism was taken to Europe where Rose grew into Mainland Europe and Russia. As a natural progression, Rose were invited to Poland to review a major development, it was during this commission  that Chris met and worked with his soon to be co founders Arkadiusz Osinski and Mariusz Witkun .

In 2014 he co founded Trebbi Polska and together with Mariusz and Arek and a great team built the business that you see now – exciting, forward thinking and professional.

He continues to be closely involved in his UK company Rose and with  his experience spanning more than 30 years, working with many leading multi-national organisations and institutions,  he remains directly involved in major developments in the UK and Poland.